Suzuki 2021 Winter Magazine

TEAM SUZUKI RACING NEWS 6 2021 Winter Issue As a team we all worked together, and I felt the support of my crew. My goal was to be more consistent, and we all collaborated to figure out how to make that happen. Next season we want to pull everything we learned together and make it pay. To be honest with you, my motivation is as high as ever and I will keep training at the maximum. Last year I think I made a big step in my training at home, and I saw that after the races I’m a bit tired, but in general I recover quickly and I feel strong - even after hard races. So, I will continue to push hard and train hard. On the bike side, the 2021 GSX-RR has been good, but for sure we need to improve. That’s normal in MotoGP; you’re always searching for more. I hope we can work on the aerodynamic side and the engine side. The chassis is an area that we often improve on, and it helps us with corner speed and turning, but the engine and the aero are also very important, and I think we missed that a bit this year. So let’s see if we can make progress next year and during the pre-season. In fact, next year there is a very short gap Team SUZUKI ECSTAR MotoGP without track action, because we’ll already be in Malaysia during the first week of February. But so far, with the things we tried in Jerez, I feel pretty confident that we’ll have a strong bike in 2022. So all this means that there won’t be much time to relax! But I’m planning on taking around 10 days out of the gym to enjoy other things, although I’ll still be active. Andorra at this time of year is great because there are lots of possibilities to enjoy exercising Rins can be one of the hardest riders to beat Rins and Ken Kawauchi celebrate Silverstone podium Rins and crew prepare for the race ahead Mir focusing on the task ahead at Aragon “As a team we all worked together, and I felt the support of my crew.” Alex Rins