Suzuki 2021 Winter Magazine

TEAM SUZUKI RACING NEWS 4 2021 Winter Issue be part of my preparation for 2022 and it’s just as important as training in the gym. I’ll take a couple of weeks just to enjoy the things I’m lucky to have, and then I’ll switch my attention to jumping on a bike. Until I can be reunited with my GSX-RR, I’ll be training with the Supermoto and MX bikes, and even driving a kart – those things all help a lot with my technique and skills, I learn something every time, and they also contribute to keeping my fitness at a prime level. In general I feel like I picked up lots of useful things this year, for example, one key thing was just to fight. During this 2021 season I fought really hard to try and take a good result at the end of the year and in the process I learned; always fight hard and never give up. Even in difficult years I try to take good results and make the best of every situation. And even if this year wasn’t brilliant for us, I really enjoyed the comebacks, the good fights and overtakes. And I’m pleased to have finished 3rd in the Riders’ Championship against some tough competitors. All this talk of battling on track is making me excited to ride the 2022 GSX-RR again. The Jerez test went well for us, and soon we’ll be back on the bike in Sepang. My first impressions of the improvements were good, and it makes me keen to start the fight again. But, as well as enjoying my time on the bike, it will be important to see what the team bring and discover what works and what we might still be lacking. Until we’ve finished testing it’s hard to make an accurate assessment of the bike, it’s important to improve our speed without losing the great turning ability of the GSX-RR. Improving grip is another interesting and important area. And the ride height device, although already good, needs some fine- tuning. In the end, there is not one thing to change or ‘fix’ on our bike; in MotoGP you have to constantly develop all areas and move forward. I have confidence that we can do that. There are other things to look forward to next year too, such as having more fans back at the tracks. For me, 2020 for me was a perfect year… all except for not having the fans around. So now to see people coming back is what gives sense to all of this racing world. It was so strange to race around the circuits with empty grandstands and silence except for the noise of our bikes. My New Year’s resolution list would have a few things; but the main one is that I want to fight again to win the title. That will always be my focus and my ultimate goal, and it’s something that won’t change until I stop racing … and for sure I would like to get a title, victories and podiums, and share all those moments with the passionate and supportive fans.” ALEX RINS Team SUZUKI ECSTAR’s Alex Rins reflects on an up and down season which saw him struggle to perform at his optimum level, but gave him plenty of food for thought. “2021 is almost over! In racing terms, of course, we’ve already finished everything. Although after the end of the season and the test in Jerez, we went to visit EICMA in Milan. But now it’s time to be at home with my family and enjoying a bit of rest. It’s quite strange to look back at this year, because in many ways it has gone quickly, but it has also been a very long and tricky season. There are some things that I would like to forget, like the crashes and especially the string of four DNFs in a row that I had. It was hard for me because I was trying at my maximum in every race and it just kept resulting in crashes. But I don’t see this as a completely bad thing because, in reality, I learned a lot from those struggles, I had to deal with those disappointments and that pressure, and so I can say that at least I learned from the bad moments. “The fans give sense to this racing world, and my ultimate aim is to celebrate top results with them in 2022…” Joan Mir Team SUZUKI ECSTAR MotoGP Mir and Alex Rins battle all the way to the line at Valencia