Suzuki 2020 Winter Magazine

TEAM SUZUKI RACING NEWS 27 2020 Winter Issue continuously shortened and changed - as with MotoGP™ and other FIM and other domestic series’ across the globe - to comply with the ever-changing laws on travel and social distancing in various countries. However, the shortened four-round FIM EWC series prevailed. ROUND 1 - Bol d’Or, France It all kicked-off at the 83rd running of the Bol d’Or 24-Hour race in France under new team leadership from Damian Saulnier – who took over the reins from Dominique Meliand. SERT riders Vincent Philippe, Etienne Masson and Gregg Black took victory after the race was cut into two sections due to extreme weather conditions at the southern France Paul Ricard Circuit. SERT led from the start and, with the victory, Vincent Philippe became the record holder of Bol d’Or victories (nine wins). The team scored a total of 60 points for leading at the 8 and 16-hour marks. Said Philippe: “I was focused on the last stint and I really appreciated that Damien allowed me to finish the race. I want to thank the new SERT for their hard work and constant improvement day after day. But I won’t forget the former team without whom we wouldn’t be here.” Round 1: Bol d’Or - September 22. SERT (GSX-R1000) – 1st. WORLD CHAMPIONS! SERT, Suzuki’s most prolific team in world endurance racing, won the 2019-2020 Endurance World Championship in September. This was the 16th time the team has won the prestigious title aboard the GSX-R1000 Suzuki. S uzuki Endurance Racing Team led from the start of the 2019-2020 EWC to take victory in a frequently-revised and shortened season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Suzuki, and other teams on the grid, fought on and the organisers and promoters made it happen. Following the opening two rounds at the Bol d’Or, France, in September followed by Sepang, Malaysia, in December 2019, the calendar was EWC 2019-2020 Gregg Black takes the lead at the start of the opening EWC 2019-2020 series in France - something he’s known for, whatever the weather conditions