Suzuki 2018 review

TEAM SUZUKI RACING news 02 2018 REVIEW 2018 SEASON REVIEW The 2018 season has been a positive year for Team SUZUKI ECSTAR, with nine podiums scored between Alex Rins and Andrea Iannone, a record since Suzuki returned to MotoGP. The podiums were made even more special by the fact that four of them were second places, three of which were scored by Rins. The young Spaniard improved impressively throughout the season, achieving good results and cultivating competition between himself and his team-mate Iannone. The results are even more outstanding when you consider that 2017 was a tough year, and the beginning of the 2018 season was not as competitive as expected. With Davide Brivio, Team Manager of Team SUZUKI ECSTAR, we analyse all the aspects that have made this outstanding season possible. Before the 2018 season started, did you set any goals for yourself or the team? If yes, were those goals missed, achieved, or surpassed? Personally I hardly set clear objectives in terms of numbers - when we started the season I didn’t think about a final position or how many podiums we’d get. Needless to say that the final objective, and the reason we are all here, is to try and win the World Championship. Everything that happens before reaching that goal is simply another step towards it. Winning the title is something which is very, very hard to achieve, so our main objective was to lose the concessions as soon as possible, therefore by collecting 6 points (2 points for each second place, and 1 for third place) and losing the concessions quite early in the season, I must say that 2018 went better than expected. At the beginning I could never imagine this outcome: nine podiums, four times second, and at least a couple of races very close to the victory. Alex Rins’ fast growth, especially at the end of the season where he became very consistent and quick, was also great to witness. I’m very happy. “How the 2018 season went beyond my expectations”