MX Special Edition

TEAM SUZUKI RACING news 08 2017 MX Special Edition THE BIG INTERVIEW Throughout the history of Suzuki’s entry into world championship motocross, one name stands out more than any other; Sylvain Geboers. Other riders may have won more races, or been crowned champion on more occasions, but no person has been directly involved in more success for one brand than Sylvain has for Suzuki Motocross racing history. B eginning in 1970 when he was runner-up behind Joel Robert in the 250cc World Championship, Sylvain Geboers has been a major component in the Japanese brand’s racing programme for almost five decades, helping champions like Harry Everts, Stefan Everts, Georges Jobe, Donny Schmidt, Mickael Pichon, Steve Ramon and many more besides. So, for this celebratory MX edition of the Team Suzuki Racing Magazine, we sat down with Sylvain and tried to find out just what it’s been like, to have been at the helm of SMC’s factory racing team. First of all, how did you actually get into motocross? “My dad and his brother were riding motocross in the 50s, so I was sent to technical school specialised in car technology. My father also owned a motorcycle shop at the time, so I got to ride a lot of 50cc mopeds around, which started my interest in riding motocross.” What helped you become a successful racer, finishing in third place twice, and also runner-up in the 250cc World Championship? “I think my education in motorcycle technology was an advantage on most of my opponents as it allowed me to better prepare and adapt my bike to the conditions. Also having the financial support of my parents SYLVAIN GEBOERS