MX Special Edition

TEAM SUZUKI RACING news 30 2017 MX Special Edition he has a family, so it’s obvious that he’s not playing the games and the jokes. He’s not part of that. He doesn’t want to be part of it. He’s older and serious, so this is normal. Overall though, each weekend was a good weekend with the atmosphere and the good results that the riders received helped that even more.” In these two years, what do you think you learned, about yourself and about how to run a team, and just sort of what you picked up, what you learned? That’s for sure a very hard, difficult job to manage so many people. We had a big group. Maybe the group was too big to start with, coming from nowhere actually. Sure, we’ve been around in motocross a lot but when I worked at other places it was a smaller group of people, mechanics and stuff, so it was different. Before, I didn’t have to organise everything, from A-to-Z in order to going to race a championship. So, this really put me in front of the lions. It was tough. It was not easy. It puts you under a lot of pressure and stress on your shoulders. The season is long. It’s tough and it’s a lot of travelling, so there’s not much time really to recover during the season. We have for sure learned a lot of things though. I feel sorry that it stopped so early. I would have really liked to get at least a few more years to prove what we are able to do. We’ve changed a lot inside the team. There was a lot of negativity from that side. Many people talked bad about us, what I have done. Some people “To end the story for me though, I’m still very thankful for Suzuki and the chance I got back in my young days when I became World Champion with Sylvain and the team” Hunter Lawrence only joined at the beginning of the year, but the young Australian had some great results, including an MX2 overall victory at the MXGP of France. Suzuki MXGP General Manager Stefan Everts also enjoyed promoting Suzuki’s popular range of V-Strom Adventure Motorcycles during his leadership. don’t understand and they say that I bring down the whole team. But at the end of the day, my ambition was really to be the best, to have the best team in the paddock and to go for the win. And no matter what it takes, I will do that. I will do that charge and work for that. I’ve won 10 championships. I’m a winner, and that’s what I want to go and do. So, I’m it’s regrettable that I didn’t have more time to go prove myself. “To end the story for me though, I’m still very thankful for Suzuki and the chance I got back in my young days when I became World Champion with Sylvain and the team. It was something I will never forget. I was happy to get this chance to run this team. It only lasted for two years, but still it was a great experience, a tough experience. It taught me again many things for my life. I’ve done my best. I gave 100% my best, same as my wife, Kelly, did. We went for the best and for the best results for everybody. I just want to thank Suzuki for that chance. It’s just unfortunate we have to end our collaboration and our partnership so soon.” Finally, this year you also did some promotion for Suzuki’s V-Strom range of Adventure motorcycles. What did this entail? “Speaking about that bike in terms of sort of how different it was from a motocross thing and how much fun it was to be involved in that project, it was really a lot of fun. We did the promotion video for that bike in Portugal, in the highest mountains of Portugal. The location there was incredibly nice. We did a few days of shooting there, just around the whole area. It was just a lot of fun, just riding the bike all day and going full gas through the turns. It was fun. I enjoyed it. I didn’t have so much riding time on that bike yet, but those days I really got to know the bike. I was really impressed how easy it’s going and how good overall the bike is going and riding and how comfortable it is. In the meantime, I got my own V-Strom at home, the big one. I’m enjoying that bike here in summertime. I’m going to have some free time and will be out riding around.”