TSR Issue 3 2017

TEAM SUZUKI RACING news 06 “2 017 has not been an easy season for us, definitely harder than expected. When we first tested the GSX-RR back in Valencia last year, my feeling was very good and with the whole team we thought we could achieve good results in 2018. “Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. Despite the first race in Qatar being a good one, then we immediately started to struggle, and it took me a long time to get used to the Suzuki machine. My crew chief Marco Rigamonti and myself were new to Team Suzuki, this meaning that we had to start from the scratch with the bike knowledge and also with the working philosophy of the Japanese company. “Every MotoGP team is different and when you come from many years in a specific environment it’s really complicated to change your way to approach the work and also to face problems. But as time passes in the garage you learn to trust your colleagues and you take advantage of the huge number of things they can explain and teach you about the bike, from the engineers, to the mechanics, who have the machine in their hands. “Patience and focus are the key of success, this is something I’ve always believed in. And this has been proved this year again. We kept on working, little-by-little, step-by-step. We got into a lot of frustration but even in the darkest times, we never lost our faith in hard work. “Finally, in Brno and then in Aragon, some new technical solutions on the machine reassured our beliefs: We found the mistakes, we had some solutions and 2018 looked brighter after that. This came from the teamwork, which is the key. “Alex Rins got back from the injury and gave us a golden hand to collect more information and also Sylvain Guintoli brought his point of view that enriched our perspectives with more viewpoints. And we cannot forget Takuya Tsuda, who was doing the hard work of testing pieces in Hamamatsu, Japan. All together, we were able exchange strength and confidence to all of us, allowing the team to work more intensively and the engineers to get more directions. “Together with my crew and the whole team, we managed to overcome the beginning of season - that gave us many headaches - because we believed in each other and trusted in the hard work put-in by everyone and that’s the main lesson I take from this first season with Suzuki in MotoGP.” Team SUZUKI ECSTAR’s Andrea Iannone reflects on 2017 and says: “We managed to overcome the beginning of season because we believed in each other and that’s the main lesson I take from this first season with Suzuki in MotoGP ‘What it takes to overcome hard times’ 2017 Issue #3 - Winter Andrea Iannone BLOG