Team Suzuki Press Office – March 13.

Team Suzuki World MX2 rider Jeremy Seewer, currently second in the 2017 World Championship after his Grand Prix win in Indonesia, talks about his winter training and the opening rounds of this season’s GP series.

I have probably said this before, but again the off-season passed by so incredibly fast. I’m already sitting here back home writing about my winter training and first two races.

After ending second overall in the World Championship last year, I can say I’m even more hungry this year. So, to give you guys an idea of my winter; training, training and training (and occasionally a little bit of fun haha!) Not only did I train on my physical condition, we also kept working on improving the bike. I’m really happy with the progress we have made so far and that we are still making. The whole team is absolutely doing a great job.

Besides training a lot, I also had an amazing time with Freddy Loix on our enduro trip with my team-mates Arminas, Hunter, Bas and my coach Stefan. An awesome experience!

I certainly do miss home and my family while living here in Belgium, but we call each other a lot and I travel back to Switzerland every now and then.

Same as last year, we did two pre-season races; Hawkstone Park and Lacapelle-Marival. Both races went really well and a positive start of the season, I’d say. We headed to the opening GP of 2017 in Qatar on the Wednesday before the race. I felt good going there but unfortunately it all went wrong that weekend. I struggled with the starts and as you guys may know, starts are crucial in motocross, especially on tracks like Qatar. I also crashed in Qatar. Didn’t hurt myself but that crash cost me a lot of places. I was not happy at all with it and it was for sure not the way we wanted to start this season.

There was no time to keep thinking about my bad weekend, with Indonesia right around the corner. The whole team stayed in Indonesia for the week. I’m glad we had a really nice hotel because it rained pretty much every single day! I continued doing my physical training but I also went sightseeing. It was kind of a shocking contrast stepping outside the hotel. Although the people there are so poor and basically live very simply, they are so happy and incredibly respectful and giving. Heart-warming! I really enjoyed my whole week with the team.

As the week passed by and the weekend arrived, it was time for the MXGP of Indonesia. The rain caused the time practice and qualifying race to be cancelled. As you have seen, I won my first ever GP last Sunday. I’m very, very happy about that! It wasn’t easy in these extreme conditions, but the mud was worth it.

Writing this, I’m already back in Belgium after a very long flight. I have a little cold at the moment but I’m doing my best to get rid of that.

Now talking about the weather… it is definitely as bad here as it was in Indonesia. The mud apparently keeps hunting me, haha! A lot of tracks are closed. But we have to keep moving forward, so we’re going to test some things this coming week to improve in some areas. Next up now is Argentina.

Thank you all for the support and kind messages. I’ll keep you guys updated on my social media pages. We see each other soon!


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