Place of Birth Montlucon, France
Date of Birth 12/ 10/ 1988
Age 24
Started Riding  Aged 16
Nationality French
Home Town Montlucon, France
Marital Status Single
Height 1.68m
Weight 60kg
Favourite Food Everything, especially chocolate
Favorite Music Most kinds, but not Techno or Trance
Favourite Drink Cola or mango juice
Hobbies Running, skiing, motocross, swimming
Favourite Circuit Monza
Race History
2012: 2nd World Supersport Championship
2011: 21st Moto2 World Championship
2010: 7th Moto2 World Championship

2009: 12th 250 World Championship

2008: 125 World Championship

2007: 16th 250 World Championship

2006: 20th 250 World Championship

2005: 2nd 125 French Championship

2004: 3rd Honda CBR125 Junior Cup